All products that are not commissions/custom orders but physical pieces and gifts on studiomargaux.com that are ready to ship will ship free. Available products/s will ship as soon as we are able - within 2-5 business days.

All custom small pieces (our 6x6 and 8x10 single orders) also are shipped free after completion.

For all custom group orders and commissions, the buyer will not be charged any shipping fees at checkout, but will be charged their shipping rate after completion of their paintings, when a realistic and calculated shipping rate can be applied to the finished product/s and it is being processed to ship by our trusted shipping manager.

How much will it cost to ship my commission or custom group order?

If you’re wanting to get an idea of how much it will cost to ship your particular commission or order, you can fill in the info below in these calculators. Be sure to select the option to not include shipping materials. Feel free to also ask me and if I have shipped a similar order recently I'm happy to tell you (as a general idea).

Shipping calculators:

UPS https://www.theupsstore.com/tools/estimate-shipping-cost

FedEx https://www.fedex.com/en-us/online/rating.html#

How long will it take to get my commission? What if I need it sooner?

On average my commissions take about 8 weeks currently, so 6-9 weeks on the shorter/longer end. Then we have to factor in shipping if that is going to happen.

*If you need your commission sooner than this - please email margaux to make sure she can accommodate the time frame that you need (email: studiomargaux1@gmail.com). A rush/priority fee will also be applied to your order depending on how quickly you need the piece.


Please email Margaux at studiomargaux1@gmail.com for questions, to schedule a call/meeting, or to place your order. After hearing about your specific project and vision she will give you a quote and details on how to place your order.

I can work with most sizing requests, and payment is typically done in two parts (first half when you place your order; second half is due at completion of the piece).


What is the process like after I submit my custom/ group order?

After you submit your order form online and pay for your order, Margaux will contact you within 3 business days to confirm everything with you, and send you her custom order contract to review and sign. After receiving this, she will start on your order. She will email you your color palette within the first 2 weeks, or a few options if she/you are still deciding. Once she gets your approval for colors, she will start painting your order. You should expect to get another update 2-3 weeks after color approval. Depending on the number of paintings in your order and also the color palette chosen, she will either paint in 2 sets or paint base layers on all first, then middle/final layers. These factors will affect what updates you get and when you get them! For smaller orders, the final layers and photos for approval are usually submitted within the 4-6 week point. For larger or more intricate orders, this is 6-8 weeks. Then we schedule our call (if needed), or if given approval, we will ship them out that week. *The client will need to pay for shipping after completion of their order, which will be charged after the order is packed and taken to our shipping manager, who will call to review your shipping options and take your payment.

I’m confused on which 8x10 order to go with. How do I choose?

If you are ordering an 8x10 with a very general idea of what you like but don’t necessarily have critical color matching or details in mind; and you aren’t planning to match patterns, room colors, or other distinct tastes with your piece - then go with the custom order

Go with the commission 8x10 (or a few of them!) if the very distinct design aspect described above sounds like your needs.

Why do your 8x10 orders and paintings cost different amounts?

It all has to do with the amount of time and work required per piece. The more custom the piece, and therefore the more specific the requests are for that piece, the more time it takes to paint it. The pricing reflects this.


All physical items including all art and gifts sold on studiomargaux.com are one-of-a-kind, custom pieces and are non-refundable. We do our best to provide the most realistic photos possible for our art and gifts for sale, and are happy to answer any questions to keep your mind at ease prior to buying!

Commission order deposits are non-refundable after the first 3 days following your commission order. After that initial time has passed, the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining 50% owed will depend on where in the process we are with the client’s painting. The commission contract highlights this in more detail.